A spectrum of musical genres is at the fingertips of students in the Piano Lab at the University of Colorado Denver

A spectrum of musical genres is now at the fingertips of music students in the state-of-the-art Piano Lab at the University of Colorado Denver.

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In summer 2011, Piano Lab Coordinator Irina Moreland, Ph.D., along with the enthusiastic support of the Music Entertainment Industry Studies Department, organized and led the MEIS Piano Lab Technology Project. The project, bolstered by the considerable skills of recording arts technicians Pete Buchwald and Tyler Soifer, was the outgrowth of an in-house assessment of student and market needs and expectations.

“Millenial piano students are extremely adept at using modern technology,” Moreland says. “Simply put, to garner and retain student interest, and to provide tools of use for their endeavors beyond MEIS, tools of significance today were needed.”

Upgrades included new Rolands, networked iMacs with instructor stations and software that enables each student’s creative limits for composition, recording, mixing and performance. “Integrated Textbook software has allowed students to explore different genres, from classical to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll to new age,” she says.

“Of special interest to our students is the use of the new tools for original composition, experimentation with Logic Pro rhythm libraries, and the ability to remix a plethora of original pieces to the individual student’s satisfaction,” she says. “These tools … will be a key discriminator in a very competitive market.”

The Piano Lab has opened possibilities for adding to or revising the present curriculum, such as including earlier approaches to improvisation, film scoring, digital recording technology, music calligraphy and contemporary/commercial music-based courses, such as commercial arranging for singer-songwriting.

Moreland says Piano Lab resources are attracting non-music majors, enhancing MEIS’s educational goals.

For more information about the CU Denver Piano Lab, contact Irina Moreland at [email protected] or call (303) 514-2603.

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(Photo: Piano Lab Coordinator Irina Moreland helps a student during a recent class.)

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