President Barack Obama speaking
President Obama speaking

President Obama spoke on Auraria Campus Wednesday to a crowd of more than 4,000 people, with many chanting, “Yes we can!” and “Four more years!”

The Veteran Student Organization (VSO), who sponsored the vist as well as Mitt Romney’s earlier this year, said they strive to present both sides of the political debate.

“We wanted to bring the president here to support the democratic process and to show the president our support,” said Cameron Cook, the organization’s director,

VSO President Ash Metcalf said, “Personally, I think the speech went really well and he did a good job of laying out his goals for the future.”

President Obama’s speech focused mostly on health care reform and what it means for women. Obama repeated, “We do not need to move backwards but continue to move forward.”

Metcalf said he agreed with the president.

“If we go back, it is to a time where people were not considered equal,” he said. “We need to give people the right to make their own decisions about their health care and this is a big step forward.”

CU Regent Michael Carrigan was in the audience.

“It is an absolute honor to host Obama and it is very exciting to have an active president on our campus again,” Carrigan said.

Metcalf said having Obama here twice helps engage students and get them involved in the political process.

“It also shows that the leadership here on campus is really stepping up and being productive which is amazing to see,” he said. “Colorado is a swing state now and it is really important that we are taking advantage of that.”

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