Charles Musiba talks about early human fossils during Scientists in Action program

After fielding questions about rare bones, cool discoveries and tough excavations, Charles Musiba, Ph.D., was asked a more personal question: “Do you like what you do, and why?”

The associate professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver, didn’t hesitate: “I love my job. I like to understand who we are and how we got where we are today.”

Thanks to a virtual connection set up by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, students in classrooms across the nation on Monday got to spend 45 minutes asking Musiba questions about his fossil research in Tanzania. The museum typically highlights its own scientists in “Scientists in Action” — often from the field where they are conducting research — but this time the live-feed program featured Musiba in his research lab in the basement of the Science Building at the Auraria Campus.

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