Providing knowledge, concepts and ideas are only one side of the learning curve. When University of Colorado faculty present information in their courses, they also challenge students and themselves to continue questioning concepts and explore new ideas.

Through the Center for Faculty Development (CFD), we provide a framework for faculty that supports innovative and effective teaching while also encouraging ongoing faculty research to expand our understanding of humanity and our world.

Since the beginning of the CFD, our faculty have submitted many thoughtful and amazing research proposals. The ideas outlined in these submissions generally touch on nearly every basic field of study in our university.

“I encourage faculty contemplating new or continued research to consider seeking support through the CFD.”

Ellen Stevens
Founding Director, Center for Faculty Development

The CFD has awarded more than $535,000 to 190 faculty members over the past eight years. A number of grants have served to bridge earlier research pursuits for following up. Sometimes this funding has enabled the faculty member to initiate or complete a particular study. Many times, the research we’ve funded triggered more expansive research that received support through other agencies such as the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health. In addition, these awards have supported faculty with projects related to their teaching.


In this edition of Latitude, we are highlighting a handful of the 18 projects awarded grants last year. You’ll see these represent very diverse pursuits that consider how modern man evolved; the effects of culture on pregnancies or autism; efficiencies of power generation and much more.


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