Students on the Auraria CampusThe seventh annual Safe Campus Night was held last night on the downtown Auraria Campus to work on improving the overall safety for students, faculty and staff.

Leonard Peete, Auraria Campus emergency preparedness coordinator, said, “This is a great opportunity to get the community together and improve safety for everyone.”

The event, which was tri-institutional with Metropolitan State University and Community College of Denver, brought together more than 35 community members to work with the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) and the Auraria Police Department to identify potential problem areas around the campus. After a brief address of overall safety on campus the participants divided into five different groups to walk the campus and find problem areas.

The task was to carefully check each zone and to rate the area in six different categories including lighting, emergency phones, police presence, concealment, traffic safety and pedestrian safety.

The biggest areas of concern involved lighting and bushes that need to be trimmed. Participants identified a number of lights that were out or areas where additional lights would be helpful. Most of those areas are either the responsibility of the City of Denver or Colorado Department of Transportation.

Since the start of the Safe Campus Night program, AHEC has added 15 emergency phones across campus as well as adding lights to certain areas. “A lot of the light issues are the result of building additions which is why it is good to have these walks every year, there are things that always come up,” Peete said.

Campus Village was included in this year’s Safe Campus Night. “There are students walking across the campus from Campus Village to downtown at all times of the night so we really want them to be involved in this process,” said Peete.

Peete added, “These safe nights really make a difference and are really important.”

The safety concerns found last night will be complied and presented to the AHEC Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration which has oversight responsibility for the campus.

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