Katie Starry

CU Denver student Katie Starry was recently elected to the Board of Trustees for The BACCHUS Network, a leading national nonprofit organization focused on addressing health and safety issues through peer education on college campuses.

Starry has been an active member of the CU Denver Peer Educators and is launching CU Denver’s first walking steps challenge. Previously, Katie Starry served as the Area 3 representative on the BACCHUS Student Advisory Committee representing Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. Last month at the 2012 National BACCHUS General Assembly in Orlando, Fla., Starry was elected by the student delegates to serve a one-year term on the Board of Trustees.

“We are so proud to have Katie Starry represent the CU Denver Peer Educators and Peer Educators nationally,” said Jill Creighton, coordinator of Community Standards and Wellness and CU Denver Peer Educators advisor. “She brings excellent leadership skills and a strong knowledge-base to the position. This is a wonderful opportunity for Katie to represent CU Denver on a national level.”

“It is a great honor to be elected by your peers to this leadership position,” said Janet Cox, president and CEO of The BACCHUS Network. “The Student Trustees have full board voting privileges and are the student voice on the board. In addition, the Student Trustees are asked to make several trips to represent BACCHUS at regional and national meetings and they supervise the BACCHUS Student Advisory Committee consisting of student leaders elected from each of the 12 BACCHUS Areas.” The BACCHUS Network is organized into 12 areas consisting of three or more states. A volunteer area consultant, a campus-based professional, coordinates each area assisted by BACCHUS State Coordinators and the Student Advisory Committee member to provide leadership and training opportunities at the regional level.

“Being elected as Student Trustee is a great honor to me because it is the highest honor a student can have in the BACCHUS Network,” said Starry. “I hope to use this position to grow not only personally, but to help the BACCHUS Network grow as an organization. As a leader, I am very excited to represent students in the year ahead.”

Starry is working toward her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. She aspires to take professional food photographs. As a Peer Educator, she focuses on nutrition and fitness.

The BACCHUS Network is a national 501c(3) student leadership organization focused on health and safety. The BACCHUS Network has over 340 members and 15,000 peer educators across the country.

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