​Every month students can stop by to offer a few minutes out of their day to support efforts that serve others. The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) hosts these ‘Stop and Serve’ opportunities to bring different organizations together to give students a chance for quick ‘on-the-spot’ volunteering.

A new element of the program this semester is that each month a different organization is being featured.

This month’s organization was COLOR (Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights) which works to give young people, age 11-25, knowledge and empowerment about their bodies, sexuality, relationships and families.

Students who ‘stopped to serve’ were able to help COLOR assemble safe-sex kits that will be distributed during an upcoming youth event.

Evy Valencia, a representative of COLOR, said, “This summit is for anyone age 12 and up, we want the whole community to be involved.” She added, “It is very interesting that we are on a college campus but a lot of these students don’t know what these products are for. So it is great for us to be able to educate these students while they are volunteering.”

Community Engagement Coordinator for the ELC Nelson Rodriguez said, “We really want to connect students with a variety of organizations and also give these great organizations a chance to connect with students.”

COLOR was not the only opportunity for students to serve today. “We almost always have three different organizations that students can volunteer their time with,” said Rodriguez. The other two organizations for September were Project Angel Heart and making blankets out of T-shirts for shelter dogs.

The Stop and Serve events are held in the North Classroom Atrium because there is always student foot traffic.

Look for the next Stop and Serve in October.

(Photo: students help make safe sex packs for COLOR)

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