The CU Denver Student Veterans Organization was recognized this summer as the July Chapter-of-the-Month among 850 Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapters nationwide.

Michael Stack, president of the CU Denver Student Veterans Organization said, “this is an honor and quite exclusive.”

In recognizing the group and overall CU Denver efforts on behalf of U.S. military veterans who are now students here, the honor highlights CU Denver’s Boots to Suits and other programs.

“I’m also proud to say that I was invited to the Student Veterans of America Leadership Institute in Indianapolis last month,” Stack said. “This is an all-expense paid trip for fewer than 50 student vet leaders from around the country. Again, very exclusive, and combined with our July SVA feature, this makes us a shining example for other student vet orgs to follow, highlighted by the recent emails and phone calls from other student vet leaders wanting to know our secret.

“All of our success can be traced back to the foundation from which we operate, which is an educational home where we as student vets feel safe and supported,” Stack added.

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