CU Denver student Ilya Mamayan answers questions about his university experience for marketing campaign

I like the urban campus. I love my academic program. The entertainment and recreational amenities around here rock.

Those were some answers students gave to the question, “What do you think?” The university’s new advertising campaign, “Think Tank,” rolls out next month and CCT Advertising, in partnership with the university’s Office of Marketing and Community Engagement, is videotaping segments for the “Think Tank” website as well as YouTube.

All day today students in the North Classroom Atrium were offered a $10 Starbucks card to sit in front of a camera for about 10 minutes. They were asked questions about why they chose to attend CU Denver, their area of study, and what they’d like to do in the future.

Malcolm Tucker, a freshman studying theater, film and video production, said the Starbucks card was secondary to his interest to be videotaped. “When I see a camera, the first thing I want is to be involved,” he said.

The Las Vegas resident said CU Denver was the first university he applied to, and he’s glad to be a student here. “You have the snowboarding, skiing and all these other extracurricular activities that Vegas doesn’t have,” he said.

Nur Loyan, a freshman studying economics, explained on camera that he’d like to eventually work in finance or a field involving a lot of math.

“I like the location of the campus — it’s in downtown Denver and it’s right next to everything,” he said. “A lot of colleges are in the middle of nowhere. Here, you’re next to the 16th Street Mall and sporting events. That’s why I picked this campus.”

Andrew Hoyle, a sophomore in computer science, said he enjoys coffee and had a half-hour free to take part in the interviews. “It seemed like a good cause to communicate with prospective students.”

The idea of “Think Tank” is to bring awareness to the campus and enhance future enrollment, particularly among the university’s target audience of traditional high school students, community college transfers and military veterans attending the university on the GI Bill, said Director of Marketing Karen Klimczak.

For the video spots, “We’re looking for a good mix of majors, the target audiences and, basically, people reflecting our current student population,” she said. “Hopefully, it will generate interest in our undergraduate programs.”

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