CU Denver student Cait Baxter poses with Milo the Lynx on April 17 in North Classroom

CU Denver student Cait Baxter posed with Milo the Lynx on Wednesday. Then she picked up her free T-shirt, featuring the new CU Denver Lynx logo. Next on her list was a stop at the Auraria Bookstore to browse other Lynx apparel.

A few days after CU Denver students passed referendums to establish fees for club sports and mascot programs, Baxter was unabashedly in the throes of Lynx fever. “I think it creates school spirit,” she said. “It gives us a sense of unity that the (Denver) campus hasn’t really had before.”

In last week’s Student Government Association election students approved first-ever fees for club sports (59 percent yes, 41 percent no) and Milo the Lynx (55 percent yes, 45 percent no). Beginning this fall, students will pay $8.90 per semester for club sports and $1.10 per semester for the Milo the Lynx mascot. In the Auraria Campus-wide RTD Student Pass Program referendum, students also approved the per-semester fee (not to exceed $77) for continuation of bus and light rail passes.

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