Rocky the Mountain Lion. Dinger the Dinosaur. Gill the Cutthroat.

Soon we’ll add _______ the Lynx to the pantheon of lovable Colorado mascots.

But your help is needed.

The University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association (SGA), which has led the student initiative to create a CU Denver mascot, is now looking for suggested names for our lynx.

Last academic year, surveys went out to students, faculty and staff asking what they’d like their mascot to be. They chose the Canadian lynx. Today, another survey will arrive in CU Denver in-boxes asking students, faculty and staff for suggested names for the tufted-ear critter.

“Since the beginning, the mascot process has been a student initiative,” said Natalia Gayou, vice president of the CU Denver SGA. “Students have had a chance to voice their opinions on what they want and have actively chosen their own mascot.”

A mascot committee has been formed with SGA representatives and CU Denver staff members to coordinate the creation of a mascot costume, logo and mascot unveiling event, which will take place early in the spring semester. The costume and logo will incorporate student-suggested traits for the lynx: active, adventurous, fierce, bold, athletic, brave and proud.

“In order to stay consistent, we, the mascot committee, thought it best to ask the community to provide suggestions to name the mascot, seeing as they are the ones being represented by this mascot,” Gayou said. “I think it is crucial to have direct input from the community if we want the lynx to be a true representation of CU Denver.”

To participate in the naming survey, clink here. The survey will be open until Nov. 15.

Also, the mascot committee is seeking people who would like to don the lynx costume and represent CU Denver at university-sponsored events.

Criteria for being a live lynx:

  • Male and female candidates welcome.
  • Must be high spirited and high energy.
  • Mascot will be compensated.
  • Mascot must be between 5-foot-6 to 6-foot tall.

If you would like more information on becoming the very first CU Denver Lynx mascot, please sign up in Tivoli 303 or email

An informational meeting about the mascot tryouts will take place at 2 p.m. on Nov. 2 in Tivoli 442.

(Photo: A Canadian lynx walks across its snow-covered territory.)

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