Biker Jim's

#7 Tivoli Brewery

Location: Tivoli
Tivoli Brewery
“Tivoli brewing has a sizeable beer menu with a large variety of local brews and the food vendor has excellent appetizers to nibble on.”  -Sam Janik

“Ate there all the time!” – Linda Guthrie

#6 Qdoba

Location: Student Commons Building
“It is easily accessible and good food for a fair price.” – Vanessa Mutchler

#5  SONO! Hawaiian BBQ

Location: Tivoli
“It has great, delicious food for cheap! Also the customer service is great” – Nhi Ngo

“Friendly staff, local, and the best food around!” – Dominick Lucero

#4 iPie Pizza

Location: Tivoli
“Not only is the staff always super friendly even when they’re slammed, but the food ALWAYS comes out fantastic! Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, even off campus!” – Elizabeth Kennedy

“Makes excellent pizza, that is affordable and decently fast. You can make any choice you want and it’s kinda like hibachi for pizza. If I could go there every day I would!” – Jamie Schultz

#3 Illegal Pete’s

Location: 1530 16th St.
Illegal Pete's
“The food is always amazing and it’s consistent in high quality. It is worth the price and the service and the atmosphere is fantastic. They always make you feel welcomed at the establishment no matter which location you go to.” – Aria Sablan

“Local, Colorado-owned company that pays their employees a living wage, helps starving musicians, and still happens to make (comparatively) cheap and absolutely delicious burritos.” – Jacob Krider

“It’s like the love baby of Qdoba and Chipotle with a dash of perfection added on.” – Liam McCabe

#2  Biker Jim’s

Location: Tivoli Quad
Biker Jim's
“Biker Jim’s is affordable, has a great tasting selection, and is popular with the college kids. I wish they had a permanent location on campus rather than a food cart. They need to be in the food-court in the Tivoli.” – Chris Copeland

“Fast, filling, & friendly!” – Karina Velasco

“Super cool guy that knows how to grill and caramelize onions.” – Michael Gomez

“It’s a tie between SONO! and Biker Jim’s because both are affordable, quick, and offer delicious options that most campuses would never have.” – Anya Dickson

#1  The Market at Larimer Square

Location: 1445 Larimer St.
The Market
“Good food, good atmosphere, friendly people, and affordable prices.” – Rachel Platek

“Best variety of everything you could want at reasonable prices.” – Gil Lamont

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