​With the voter registration deadline looming tomorrow for this year’s election, the ‘Get Out the Vote’ RV Tour brought Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and several State Representatives to the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver today. Their goal: to urge young voters to register and get out there and make a difference.

The event was put on by the student group Student for Barack Obama in conjunction with the CU Denver Office of Student Life.

Also on hand for the rally were State Reps. Crisanta Duran, D-House District 5, and Beth McCann D-8th District). Duran said, “You need to practice your civic duty and make sure that everyone you know is registered to vote.” She added “Be part of the democratic process.”

Hickenlooper urged students to vote because their voice is the one to be heard this election, “If as many people in the 18-24 age bracket voted as in the 35-45 age bracket, President Obama would win by 10 points.”

Hickenlooper added, “We haven’t done a great job of getting the young people to vote but that’s what we are working on changing.” He concluded, “The youth vote does count and it is very important.”

The event, which was an all-day affair, featured live music as well as a deejay and volunteers walking around registering people to vote.

Both Hickenlooper and Duran reminded students that the last day to register to vote is tomorrow, Oct. 9.

“Don’t put it off, make sure you send in those mail-in ballots or go to the polls. Make sure you are not missed,” Hickenlooper added.

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