Students get information at World AIDS DayWorld AIDS Day is Dec. 1 and it is designed to bring awareness about prevention and safety to the masses. The University of Colorado Denver’s Student Life office, along with the Health Center at Auraria and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Student Services, hosted a gathering of several on- and off-campus organizations that offer services to prevent the spreading of AIDS as well as prevention tips.

The overall goal was to recognize the world struggle with AIDS and how widespread it really is. Around the Tivoli Multicultural Lounge were several statistics from around the world about AIDS. One stated that in 2009 there were approximately 460,000 people affected by AIDS in just Africa and the Middle East.

Among the booths were the Phoenix Center and Denver Element.

Jane Urchiel, a senior in Economics at CU Denver, said, “I thought the way they put this together was really well done. At a lot of these events, the booths are so close together and students aren’t comfortable talking to the people.”

Urchiel added, “Some people have a really hard time opening up, but these events are a great forum for people to get the help they need.”

One of the vendors, Compassion Campaign, is dedicated to removing the stigma from AIDS. In many cases, people will not get tested because they are afraid of that stigma.

The get-together also had information about overall health and where to get more details about AIDS and other major health concerns.

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