• Studying the nuances of ‘sugaring’

    Grant enables professor to complete research on mutually beneficial relationships

    In 2016, Maren Scull, Ph.D., ran into a problem with her research study. Scull had interviewed 35 people, but with each subject she spoke to, she discovered more diversity and variety than expected.… Full Story

    September 7, 2017
    Jennifer Loyd
    Maren Scull, Ph.D.
  • Collecting data unique to a solar eclipse

    Engineering students hope to improve very-low-frequency communication used by submarines

    On Monday, just as CU Denver began the new academic year, an awe-inspiring solar eclipse captivated people across North America.… Full Story

    August 24, 2017
    Blair Ilsley
    CU Denver student Poorya Hosseini
  • Getting hands-on experience

    Yoo Joo Lee enjoyed research work at CU Anschutz on way to biology degree at CU Denver

    Yoo Joo (Jasmine) Lee, a spring 2017 graduate of CU Denver, says the research experience she gained at CU Anschutz as an undergraduate was invaluable.… Full Story

    August 16, 2017
    Guest Contributor
    CU Denver student Jasmine Lee
  • Teens find 'voyce' in advocacy

    Young people advocate for threatened neighborhoods with researchers' help

    The Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods in north Denver sit center stage to multiple threats.… Full Story

    May 10, 2017
    Michael Satchell
    Esme Aguilar, a youth participant, poses in front of a mural
  • Student researchers, faculty mentors shine

    More than 150 projects presented at 2017 Research and Creative Activities Symposium

    Vikasini Mahalingam, Hannah Stobaugh and Elena Ortiz didn’t work long hours on their research project for recognition.… Full Story

    May 3, 2017
    Michael Davidson
    Students at RaCAS
  • 'Stretch goals' in companies can be dangerous for most

    Some of the most successful companies set goals that often appear audacious and risky

    As companies struggle to maximize output while staying ahead of the competition, a new study from University of Colorado Denver examines the idea of ‘stretch goals’ and why audacious targets are often misunderstood and sometimes misused.… Full Story

    April 27, 2017
    Laura Parker
  • Smile: You’re on candid camera

    CU in the City research highlights wildlife with focus on education, conservation

    As city planners grapple with the fallout of explosive growth, eyeing its effect on everything from housing to highways, one University of Colorado Denver graduate student hopes her recently-launched master’s project can make a difference in the future of a vulnerable and often-stealthy metro-area population: the critters that live among us.… Full Story

    March 24, 2017
    Guest Contributor
  • Food quality in Alaska’s Disneyland

    An example of what to expect at the Research and Creative Activities Symposium 2017

    The small town of Skagway is known as the “Disneyland of Alaska,” where a historic district is maintained to look like a late-1890s boomtown.… Full Story

    March 15, 2017
    Michael Satchell
    The historic city of Skagway, Alaska
  • Body-worn cameras get a close-up

    Cross-disciplinary team of researchers explores issues surrounding digital policing

    On the surface, a camera recording of an interaction between a police officer and a citizen seems like a basic concept.… Full Story

    March 6, 2017
    Chris Casey
    Police body camera