February 14, 2019

There was coffee. There were burritos. There was love.

Staff and faculty came together on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day morning, to celebrate student scholarships and workplace philanthropy. They chatted with student-scholarship recipients and learned about the importance of faculty and staff contributions.

It was all part of the LYNX UP Challenge, which just launched a second year of fundraising to lift students through scholarships.

If you missed the heart-filled event, see what happened in the photos below. If you were there, see if you can find yourself in a photo!

Cheers to scholarships for students

Three people toast burritos and smile
Faculty and staff gathered together to support scholarships for students.
Two people talk with Milo the Lynx mascot
Milo the Lynx joined the Valentine’s Day fun in the Lawrence Street Center Terrace Room.
Three people stand with Milo the Lynx mascot
Following the launch of LYNX UP in February 2018, faculty and staff giving tripled compared to the previous year.

Raise your burrito to philanthropy at work

Two people toast burritos and smile
Since 2017, faculty and staff have contributed more than $1 million to scholarships at CU Denver – cheers to that!
Two people toast burritos and smile
Nearly 70 percent of CU Denver undergraduate students received scholarships or financial aid this year.

A toast to the LYNX UP fundraising campaign

Two people toast burritos with Milo the Lynx mascot
A reason to toast: lifting students through scholarship!
Two people fist bump with plates in hand
Fist bump: There are many types of scholarships available to CU Denver students, including institutional, need-based, merit-based and identity-based.

Participate in the LYNX UP Challenge

Lynx stuffie next to fruit bowl
Staff and faculty celebrated LYNX UP and Valentine’s Day with breakfast burritos, fruit, coffee and chocolate.
Woman gets coffee, Lynx stuffie on urn
Since the start of LYNX UP in February 2018, generous donors have contributed more than $16 million for scholarships at CU Denver.
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