August 27, 2015
Gage Chapel
Gage Chapel

Learning with purpose, to me, is being able to find your role in the bigger picture of society. For me personally, that means leading in the business world. I always had the skill to lead, but I didn’t know business was my purpose until I started to pursue my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The Army brought out my leadership and discipline, but CU Denver​ taught me how to apply those qualities and bring value to what I do.

I joined the Army when I was 21, and throughout my career, I’ve been thrown into situations where I’d be heading up teams of anywhere from five to 125 people. I’ve held many positions over the past nine years—from an officer to a human resources representative at ROTC—and each job had many operational and leadership responsibilities. It was an incredibly unique experience, and it shaped the way I see the world, but I still knew I could do even more.

Today, I’m finishing up the Business School’s 11-month MBA program. In this past year, in addition to gaining skills and knowledge, I’ve also been able to use my leadership background to better my education. So far, I’ve mentored entrepreneurs, I’ve written vital marketing plans for local social enterprises, and I’ve made an impact in the communities that mean the most to me. CU Denver didn’t overwrite my history; instead, it allowed me to merge my past with my present, so I could strengthen my future.

If you look at my resume from a year ago to now, it’s startling to see how much it’s grown. I have skills I never imagined I could have, networks of people I never thought I could gather, and experiences I didn’t even think were possible. If I hadn’t gone through this program, I never would have found out who I am. Now I know my purpose in the bigger picture, and I can thank CU Denver for that.​

By Gage Chapel | MBA Student at Business School

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