Want to be a college dean or president? CU Denver training diverse, mid-level professionals to ascend higher-ed’s ranks

Source: The Denver Post

A first-of-its kind program at the University of Colorado Denver is helping people like Lynette Bates become the leader in higher education she wished she knew when she was an undergraduate. “This degree I firmly believe will help me be a better administrator,” Bates said.
“The baby boomer leaders in higher education, just like we’re seeing in industries everywhere, are all retiring and exiting,” Hegeman said. “What are we doing to fill that void and training and helping other developing leaders to assume those roles?”
“For many years in higher education, we focused on access to get as many people into our institution as possible, but we didn’t necessarily utilize technology to make the kind of precise decisions needed to help students,” said Linda Bowman, CU Denver’s interim vice provost and senior vice chancellor for student access and achievement. “We now have the opportunity to use data analytics to project how to best accommodate different populations.

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