What does free speech look like in the digital age?

Source: Denver7

The Colorado Supreme Court is currently considering a case that could have widespread implications for free speech in the social media age.
The Twitter communications became increasingly more aggressive until one student started making threats to the other, writing things like, "Let me catch you away from school you is a dead man." And, "Trust me I'm not afraid to shoot."
University of Colorado at Denver faculty member and lecturer Matthew Kaskavich says regulating speech might not be in a company's best interest.
"Social media has always had this sort of a financial incentive to kind of allow people to say whatever they want and have this free and open platform," Kaskavich said. "They have kind of avoided dealing with free-speech issues up until recently. That's because they want to make money."
Kaskavich believes these companies hold the true power when it comes to determining what protected speech is.

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