• Students study atmosphere at Arecibo facility

    Engineers get 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience at renowned Puerto Rico observatory

    Giant green lasers? Bouncing signals off the ionosphere? Mind control? All just another day’s work at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.… Full Story

    September 20, 2017
    Steven Vigil-Roach
    CU Denver students at Arecibo Observatory
  • Alumnus, and pilot, flies to rescue after Harvey

    Engineering graduate volunteers to deliver aid in wake of Texas hurricane

    After Hurricane Harvey hit south Texas, people were stuck in towns without clean water – or passable roads through which they could get clean water.… Full Story

    September 13, 2017
    Sarah Tanksalvala
    CU Denver alumnus James Rice
  • Collecting data unique to a solar eclipse

    Engineering students hope to improve very-low-frequency communication used by submarines

    On Monday, just as CU Denver began the new academic year, an awe-inspiring solar eclipse captivated people across North America.… Full Story

    August 24, 2017
    Blair Ilsley
    CU Denver student Poorya Hosseini
  • Prepared for the future

    CU Denver's first bioengineering undergraduates: Prepared for the future

    “We were all in it together.” That’s how Jacob Altholz, a recent CU Denver graduate, remembers his experience in the undergraduate bioengineering program, which is part of the College of Engineering and Applied Science with upper division courses taught on CU Anschutz Medical Campus.… Full Story

    July 4, 2017
    Steven Vigil-Roach
  • Regents approve appointment of two new deans

    Nan Ellin named dean of the College of Architecture and Planning and Martin Dunn as dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science

    The University of Colorado Denver announced today the appointment of Nan Ellin, Ph.D., as dean of the College of Architecture and Planning and Martin Dunn, Ph.D.,  as dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.… Full Story

    June 16, 2017
    Emily Williams
    Student Commons Building
  • 'Epiphany' triumphs

    Engineering team brings back honors from space flight competition

    Some of the nearly 100 high school and college teams competing in the 2017 Human Exploration Rover Challenge spent hundreds of hours on their “moon buggy” rovers.… Full Story

    May 8, 2017
    Vicki Hildner
  • Student researchers, faculty mentors shine

    More than 150 projects presented at 2017 Research and Creative Activities Symposium

    Vikasini Mahalingam, Hannah Stobaugh and Elena Ortiz didn’t work long hours on their research project for recognition.… Full Story

    May 3, 2017
    Michael Davidson
    Students at RaCAS