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August 31, 2018

Each year at CU Denver, hundreds of students take part in the university’s work-study program. They work part-time, earn money to pay for their education and, often, gain experience and knowledge related to their course of study.

“Work-study students are employed in many different roles on campus, including research and administrative roles,” said Justin Jeramillo, director for Financial Aid & Scholarships. “And many are also employed off campus at nonprofits and government entities gaining valuable, real-world experience.”

Work-study is a win-win for students working hard to get through college on a budget. Here’s what three students had to say about their work-study experiences.

Angela HernandezAngela Hernandez
Major: International business; Minor: Spanish

“I’ve been completely financially independent since I was 19, and so far, I’ve been able to be debt free. I don’t think I would have been able to go here without work-study.

Having this additional income helps me pay for other expenses. The schedule is very flexible with my class hours, and it gives me a feeling of tranquility to not have to travel to an off-campus job.

Also, I feel like I’m more involved in the university, because I work within it. CU Denver is my life right now.”

Benjamin ThaoBen Thao
Major: Finance

“Through work-study, I have gained everyday skills, such as using office technology efficiently and communicating professionally. I’ve met many people with different backgrounds and knowledge who have given me advice on how to approach my career.

A work-study job is important to any college student. A flexible job that aligns with your student schedule is critical. Making a steady income while pursuing higher education allows me to achieve even greater milestones in my life.”

Khiem MaiKhiem Mai
Major: Sports business

“I have been working here since my first year here at CU Denver, and I am now a senior. A few things that I have learned from this position are time management, work ethic and effective communication.

I have also made career connections and had the opportunity to meet people with different experiences and backgrounds.”

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